We enjoy a safe environment with low crime rates where people are able to enjoy participating in their communities. A recent resident survey reflects that with more than 80% of residents saying they feel safe in their neighbourhoods.

Find out more about Council's commitment to safety in Hamilton by reading about the CitySafe initiatives, our road safety programmes and also our civil defence activities.


Emergency services information


For emergencies call 111


Fire Service

For emergencies call 111

Deaf Emergency Fax
0800 16 16 10



For emergencies call 111

Hamilton Police Station
858 6200

Hamilton North Community Policing
854 6000

Hamilton West Community Policing
846 6477

Deaf Emergency Textphone (TTY)
0800 16 16 16



Waikato Hospital Patient Enquiries
839 8666

Waikato Hospital Emergency Department
839 8707

Mental Health Crisis Services (emergency only)
0800 505 050


Poisons and hazardous chemicals

For urgent information only
0800 764 766

National Poison Centre (business hours)
03 479 7248