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  1. 1. Scotts Epicurean

    An award winning cafe-restaurant delivering an eclectic menu, luscious desserts and quality espresso made by the city's best baristas.

  2. 2. The River Kitchen

    Well known for its fresh white tongue 'n groove interior and friendly staff our cafe is a welcoming place to meet for excellent coffee, cake, breakfast or lunch.

  3. 3. Hazel Hayes

    This cafe takes pride in using fresh, locally-grown, organic ingredients wherever possible to make sure what you enjoy is always of the highest standard.

  4. 4. Mavis and Co Made to Order

    Mavis Made to Order is a contemporary inner city café with an emphasis on ordered food.

  5. 5. Mavis and Co

    Mavis and Co is a legendary café for brunch, freshly baked goods and craft burgers in the heart of Hamilton East.

  6. 6. Dora's Expresso & Eatery

    Handily located on the fringe of the CBD, with ample street parking and adjacent to Wintec, Dora’s Espresso is quaint and cosy.

  7. 7. Urge Coffee and Tea

    The coffee and tea boutique .

  8. 8. Machina Espresso

    Weekday urban cafe which provides a great cabinet selection as well as breakfast and lunch menu served with excellent barista coffee.

  9. 9. Momento - City

    Legendary espresso cafe who use their own Momento Roast and organic milk to create the perfect expresso to suit your tastes and located across the city.

  10. 10. Rocket Coffee Roasters

    Try the freshest coffee in town straight from the roaster. Rocket Coffee Roasters not only provide espresso, they also stock machines and merchandise.

  11. 11. Demi-Urgos

    Hamilton's super sweet coffee bar that has been made and shaped by numerous personalities; all of whom have been indispensable.

  12. 12. Coffee Culture

    Coffee Culture roast their own beans and provide a great selection of light meals, scrummy snacks and tasty treats.

  13. 13. Coffee and Food Establishment (C.A.F.E.)

    C.A.F.E. strives to make as much as possible by hand on-site and use the freshest local produce - an exciting menu caters to a wide range of tastes.

  14. 14. Hamilton Gardens Cafe

    Hamilton Gardens Cafe provides visitors to the Hamilton Gardens with a warm, inviting cafe experience.

  15. 15. Sammies and stuff

    Have some fun, get creative and build the Sammie of your dreams.

  16. 16. Epiphany Cafe

    The complete cafe experience.

  17. 17. Sierra Cafe Centre Place

    Cafe Sierra use premium grade coffee beans made by friendly baristas, and delivered to you by staff with excellent customer service.

  18. 18. De Stylez Studio Mix

    De Stylez Studio Mix is a Recording Studio / Cafe Lounge.