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CBD Shuttle

The most convenient way to get around town and it's free!

Hamilton's free central city shuttle leaves every 10 minutes:

  • Monday to Friday, 7am-6pm

The Shuttle connects with the Orbiter on Anzac Parade. This is a great way to use the Orbiter and the shuttle to get from Hamilton's suburbs into the city.

The Shuttle travels in a one way loop from Anglesea St opposite the Transport Centre, travelling south along Anglesea St, into Caro St, Alexandra St, Hood St, Anglesea St, Anzac Parade, north on Victoria St, Liverpool St and then back to Anglesea St opposite the Transport Centre.

For more information visit BUSIT


Hamilton Transport Centre

Hamilton Transport Centre is located on the corner of Bryce Street and Anglesea Street. It is the central hub for passenger services in Hamilton, regional and national bus services.

Ticketing and information counters are available within the centre, as well as a café and public toilets.


Local Buses

With 28 bus routes in Hamilton and 10 others throughout the region, Waikato Regional Council’s BUSIT service can work for you.

Waikato has a comprehensive local bus network, attracting more than four million passenger trips each year. Hamilton has around 900 bus stops and there are also bus services to Raglan, Cambridge, Te Awamutu, Morrinsville/Paeroa and North Waikato.

For more information visit BUSIT

National Buses

The Great Journeys of New Zealand

New Zealand's longest running passenger service, the Northern Explorer is a long distance scenic train service running between Auckland and Wellington, stopping at Palmerston North, Ohakune, National Park and Hamilton.

The journey through Tongariro National Park, with its three spectacular volcanic mountains – Tongariro, Ngāuruhoe and Ruapehu – is a highlight, a place of extremes and surprises, where snow-blanketed fields, ancient lava flows and dense beech forests can be seen side by side.

For more information visit The Great Journeys of New Zealand


The Interislander ferry is the longest running Cook Strait ferry service in New Zealand. Interislander sails between Wellington (North Island) and Picton (South Island). Our Interislander ferry is known as one of the most beautiful ferry journeys in the world and one of New Zealand's most iconic tourism experiences.

The Interislander is one of the unmissable Great Journeys of New Zealand. It connects to our scenic rail experiences; the Coastal Pacific, which runs from Picton to Christchurch, and the Northern Explorer which journeys through the heart of the North Island.

For more information visit Interislander

Hamilton Taxis and Driver In Control

Hamilton Taxis
  • Dial-a-Cab 0800 342 522
  • Hamilton Taxis 0800 477 477
  • Red Cabs Ltd 07 839 3939


Driver in Control
  • Drivesafe 027 506 4708
  • Drive in Control 07 846 1931
  • Kiwi Dial a Driver 021 120 9446

Electric Scooter, Bike, Car, Motorbike and Campervan Rentals

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Hamilton Airport

The gateway to the Waikato region.

The Hamilton Airport services domestic flights only, it is located 15 minutes drive south of central city Hamilton. Directions to and from the airport are clearly marked with road signs on State Highway 1 and State Highway 3. Either of these highways can be taken to and from the airport.

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Domestic Operator:

Airport Shuttles

Airport Shuttles to Hamilton Airport
Airport Shuttles to Auckland Airport


Local Helicopters




Tour and Charter Companies

Tour Companies

Archer Tours Ideal for couples or small groups

Carrington Tours Provides limousine services and custom tours around the Waikato region

Kirra Tours Excellent for those wishing to travel in a group and stay in Motel/ Hotel accommodation

Leisure Time Tours Great Day Trips from Hamilton, plus tours throughout New Zealand

Nature and Nosh The great outdoors & great food. A match made in heaven? We think so

Platinum Transfers & Tours Providing luxury reliable transport for all your needs

Waikato Custom Tours Relax while our friendly, professional tour guide takes care of you

Starr Tours Perfect for students, small groups or families


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