Claudelands Arena
Heaphy Terrace


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Phone: 07 838 6699

The idea is to present a visualization from our inner body- from the heart.

It comes from my thinking about the purpose of the Claudelands Centre and the activities of sports, concerts, conventions etc that will take place there; the excitement and emotions that are experienced with our heart and body. It may also describe the life of the site and what has gone before, together with the current heartbeat of the building. In this way I see the building as its own living identity that interacts with those who use the facilities and visit. In the same way the sculpture is intended to reach out to visitors, as it will be sit-able and slide-able, visually inviting people to connect with it.

This idea relates to my previous works, as it seeks to visualize something that is inside, invisible, the guts, infrastructure and the force of what is beneath or concealed".  Seung Yul Oh  2011