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This public artwork was the first addition to the Hamilton City Council collection in 1968.  The simplified and stylish image of the 'Bull' received varied public response, from admiration to outcry. The large simplified form, broad planes, textural marks, and only a suggestion of feet and a tail, offer a beautifully uncluttered representation of a bull. Macalister made a clay model weighing half a ton, in her Takapuna backyard, before casting the work in bronze.

Positioned in a garden, Little Bull could be seen as a symbol of the Waikato's link to the dairy industry and agricultural splendour.  But mostly the artist wanted to make an artwork that encouraged tactile engagement and enjoyment.  The smooth bronze, particularly when warmed by the sun, is a wonderful tactile experience.

'Little  Bull' was sponsored by Hamilton Jaycees as a centennial gift to the city, supported by the Queen Elizabeth Arts Council, and the residents of Hamilton.

Sculptor:  Molly Macalister (1920-1979)
Materials:  Cast bronze
Date:          1968