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  1. 1. Riff Raff

    Iconic statue of the Riff Raff character from the cult status movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

  2. 2. Earth Blanket

    This breathtaking sculpture adorns the entrance to the Gardens and features an earth blanket.

  3. 3. The Farming Family

    The characters of this sculpture are life-sized figures of a male farmer and his wife, their two children, a cow, a sheep and a dog.

  4. 4. Te Tiaho O Matariki

    'Te Tiaho O Matariki' is a sculptural manifestation of the Pleiades in the form of a growing vine.

  5. 5. Te Waharoa Ki Te Ao Maarama

    The Entranceway to the World of Enlightenment, this artwork refers to the historical significance of the site, and the importance of its ongoing conservation and care.

  6. 6. Ripples

    A ripple effect, like that of a stone hitting water where ripples radiate out from the centre and droplets spring up, is suspended against the sky.

  7. 7. Te Ohomauri O Matariki

    Seven vertical waka placed in the formation of the Kingitanga symbol of the Matariki star consellation.

  8. 8. Tekoteko and Maihi Carvings

    Overlooking the Waikato River, the tekoteko and maihi carvings protrude from the Waikato Museum's exterior.

  9. 9. Little Bull

    Little Bull could be seen as a symbol of the Waikato's link to the dairy industry and agricultural splendour.

  10. 10. Captain Hamilton

    The historical figure of Captain Hamilton comes alive in Margriet Windhausen's representation of the man who the city is named after.