Saturday 17 August 2019 - Friday 20 September 2019


378 Grey Street
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Dorothy Gilson
Phone: 07 858 3964

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Free Family

'threads of life' continues the desire to provide eclectic experiences. As the title suggests textiles, tapestries, textures in mixed media wall hangings and quilts have been added by several artists to the more traditional fare of wall hung art.

'threads of life' demonstrates the spinning of (a) yarn to make thread is in fact the basis of all storytelling and that through this rich medium artists convey their insights and commentaries about the world around us. Accordingly, a superb 'woven space' has been fashioned that includes inter alia hand and machine pieced quilts, embellished embroidery, weaving and tapestries.

The continuous thread or story that emerges integrates seamlessly across familiar art pieces that tell a story of life that the observer can self-sew and curate.

It is also apposite that the texture and warmth of many of the art pieces mitigates against some of the colder days that the New Zealand winter is capable of providing.