Sunday 24 January 2021 - Friday 26 February 2021


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Diagrammatic is an installation of paintings and diagrams from the multimedia performance artist Olga Krause aka Leafa Wilson. This installation is one of the appendices to her master's thesis, specifically the diagrammatic out-workings of philosophical notions around identity and habitus formation of Aotearoa-born artists of Moana/Pasifika/Oceanic heritage.

‘In creating these diagrams, I have been able to revise the interlinking relationships of Tangata Whenua as hosts, to us distant relatives who arrived in the third Pacific Migration in the 1950s onwards. These works acknowledge Maaori sovereignty and that, as distant whaanau to Maaori, us Pasifika artists' sovereignty is not located on the whenua (land) upon which we were born. Instead, we have a Va (space) in the metaphysical and Polynesian theory of TIME-SPACE where we are indigenous. This Va is located in the art that we make and we remain indigenous to the island homes of our parents, grandparents, and ancestors.’ – Olga Krause

Krause brings a three-dimensional physicality to the theory of the 'Cold Islanders and their art practice' as an indigenous Va where they can confidently belong.