Tuesday 14 March 2023 - Saturday 18 March 2023


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Contact Details

Hamilton i-SITE
Phone: 07 958 5960
Mobile: 0800 242 645

Balloons over Waikato is from Tuesday 14 to Saturday18 March 2023.

What better way to experience Balloons over Waikato than from above? Gift yourself or a loved one an experience of a lifetime and book in a balloon ride during the Festival. 

The Kiwi Balloon Company is the only commercial operator during this event and Hamilton i-SITE manages the bookings.

Important information:

  • The Adult rate is $400.00 per person, Child (7-12 years) rate is $320.00 per person. Minimum age is 7 years old and they must be over 1.1metres (you are not able to hold your child whilst in the basket).
  • Flight is approximately 30 minutes, however you must allow 4 hours duration.
  • For safety and operational requirements, passengers are required to declare their accurate weight upon booking and will be weighed on the day.
  • Passengers must check in at 6.45am with the i-SITE consultant.
  • Please note the weather can be a deciding factor whether we fly on the day, as we need little wind, and no rain or fog.
  • The Hamilton Balloon is usually the lead Balloon, on occasion, they could be delay for the other balloons to follow due to weather conditions, therefore there is no guarantee that you will fly alongside other balloons.
  • The Pilot may choose to move to a different location in Hamilton, to be able to fly, and you would be transported by the Kiwi Balloon Company, therefore there is no guarantee that you will fly alongside other balloons.
  • Flights are non-refundable, however if the pilot cancels due to weather conditions, the booking would be refundable.  If the event is cancelled due to COVID19 the booking would be refundable. 
  • Should NZ be in Alert Level Red - it will be mandatory that all passengers must be fully vaccinated (due to the inability to social distance in a hot air balloon basket and the chase vehicle).  You will be asked to present your Covid19 vaccine pass on the day of flight.
  • There are limited spaces per day. 
  • Two weeks prior to departure, we will be back in touch with you with more details regarding the check in process (please note this might mean you might need to check in ealier).
  • The use of drones are not allowed during this event.

To secure your flight we must receive full payment (Visa/MasterCard credit card).  Please contact me on +64 7958 5960 or NZ free phone 0800 242 645 or by email