Saturday 16 November 2019 - Saturday 14 December 2019


Riverlea Theatre
83 Riverlea Road
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If it hadn't been for Cotton Eye Joe, I'd have been married a long time ago..." - Rednex

Director Mel Martin Musical Director Vasa Faaosofia Choreographer Lily Empson

‘Cowboy Christmas’ centres around a cartoon-esque Western town with the evil Colonel Clayton at the helm. The Colonel is swindling his townsfolk of their hard-earned money and keeping it for himself! In a comedic plot against her father, Alice has invented the Zorro-like vigilante ‘Bullseye’ in order to steal money back from her dad, and return order to the small town. In an unlikely twist, ‘real’ vigilante Slim Shady comes to town to swindle the Colonel himself and hilarity ensues!

MENU ' The Original Spit Roast Catering Company

Garlic & herb spiked beef rump roast Champagne Ham on the Bone
Hot Jacket Potatoes & sour cream Bread roll selection
Green Beans Whole Kernel Corn
Fancy Lettuce & Vegetable salad Potato salad
Indonesian Rice salad Coleslaw
Dessert platter Christmas themed finger food